Media Who Wanted You To Obsess Over Whereabouts Of Kate Middleton Now Want You Outraged About Same Thing


“HOW FUCKING dare you, you depraved privacy-ignoring bastards leave the poor woman alone,” the tabloid media has lectured for yet another day, as the fallout from Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis continues.

“No, you’re wrong, we didn’t lead with thousands of clickbait articles obsessively pouring over every detail. We absolutely didn’t screenshot and share every batshit insane Tiktok deep dives and Twitter threads into Kate’s whereabouts in articles, thus helping them spread and flourish. Gaslighting? We’ve no idea what that is, but we know exactly what ‘intrusive psycho’ means and that’s what all of you are,” followed up the tabloids, not getting defensive at all.

Asking have you no shame, the woman is a mother, the very tabloids who fueled the invasive furore around the British royal’s continued absence from the public have now concluded that anyone who did exactly that deserves a good kicking.

“Shared a meme did you? Life sentences for you, Stephen Colbert and Blake Lively now!” raged the tabloids now trying to coax their gullible readers into participating in a witch hunt against any celebrity who joined in the ‘where is Kate?’ memeing.

Editors of the rags went on to stress that they reserve the right to do yet another u-turn when one of these public figures receives abusive threats online at which point they will again act like they had no part to play in such toxic behaviour.