Woman Sick Of Playing Second Fiddle To Boyfriend’s YouTube Channel


A LOCAL WATERFORD woman has spoken of her worry that her she is finishing third place in her relationship with her boyfriend, falling behind his fitness/prank/crypto/review Youtube channel in the pecking order.

“Sometimes we’ll be out on what I thought was a date but really he asked me to lunch to set up a prank for his channel,” shared 20-year-old Shauna Norris, one of hundreds of young Irish people who are the victim of ‘influencer partner’.

“Maybe I’m imagining it but it’s probably not a good sign that when we’re in the bedroom he says ‘smash that subscribe button’ as he rubs my y’know,” added Norris, as her boyfriend loudly recorded a ‘grwm’ video in the background.

Norris had enjoyed four bliss filled months with Carl Kelly before he began referring to himself as a ‘content creator’.

“That’s when things changed,” explained Norris, “he’d end conversations with how I could get 10% off protein shakes by using the discount code Carl10. And he’s live-streamed our whole relationship. For valentine’s day he just tried to beef with KSI online in the hopes of getting a pay per view fight”.

For his part Kelly described his whirlwind romance with Norris in heartfelt terms, saying Norris was by far and away the best content he’s ever produced.

UPDATE: the final straw for Norris may have arrived after Kelly tried to film an unboxing video at her grandmother’s funeral, using the coffin.