Irish People Explain Why They Love The Pub


AN INSTITUTION which is the lifeblood of communities the length and breadth of the island. What makes the Irish pub so special and central to our way of life? Irish people share their thoughts:

“Going to the pub saves me a fortune on home heating,” Bill – Spiddal, Galway.

“It is home to our soul and song, witness to our history and keeper of the national flame. But more importantly once my dad croaks it I’ll inherit his controlling stake in the hospitality group which manages the 17 copy-and-paste paddywhackery pubs he owns,” Fionn – Foxrock, Dublin.

“The bar woman winked at me once a few years back and I’ve been waiting for her to make the move ever since,” John – Ennis, Clare.

“The pub has been there for me through all the times I should have been spending that time more constructively,” Cormac – Longford Town, Longford.

“It’s where I met my first, second and fourth husband,” Mairead – Balbriggan, Dublin.

“It’s part of our culture, just like drink-driving,” Cyril – Mullingar, Westmeath.

“What would Ireland be without its pubs? Healthier? Oh absolutely, but sure that’s fuck all fun,” Frank – Carrigaline, Cork.

“Gone be the days of the ‘2-for-1s’, they’d be them pubs what had an altar, so accounting for the toilet, which was as clean as any hospital, you could be birthed, baptised, fed, drank, married and funeral’d without every having left the place,” Carmel – Bray, Wicklow.

“Sorry, just remembered I also met my third husband there too, hazy night so it was,” Mairead, again.

“I save a fortune on child minding at the weekends by bringing them to the pub,” Karen – Timoleague, Cork.