Star Of Popular 1950s TV Show Unrecognisable After 70 Years


TV star Rita Ronan from the sitcom Rita’s Girls looks unrecognisable today, 70 years after the show was ended and just 17 years since she died of cancer, WWN Entertainment can reveal.

Visiting her grave late at night with a mini-digger, Rita’s decaying corpse resembled more of a dead person than a TV star sparking rumours as to the kind of life she’s not had since dying all those years ago.

“I didn’t even know it was her,” her son Brendan Ronan told WWN, “why the fucking hell did you exhume my mother, what the hell is wrong with you people? I’m calling the police”.

Once known for her good looks, Rita now looked more like the old lady in the bath from the Shinning than the bubbly 21-year-old redhead we all knew and loved.

“We need you to return Mrs. Ronan’s remains back to the family and speak with detectives immediately,” investigators insisted, but what are they trying to hide?

Rita’s Girls first aired in 1953 in the UK and became an instant hit comedy spanning 7 years on air and sending Rita into the limelight and eventual Hollywood fame.

“You wouldn’t think it now by looking at her, would you?” a tweet from a person with just 3 followers pointed out.

“I’d still rattle her bones,” insisted another.

“Looks like she hit the drugs and booze hard and really let herself go,” said one woman.

Despite her recent fall from grace and succumbing to the elements, Rita will always remain in the hearts of all those of us who truly loved her.