‘Each House Will Claim To Have A D4 Address’; Inside Ryanair’s Swords Accommodation


FOLLOWING Ryanair’s confirmation that the company has bulk bought 25 of 28 homes for cabin crew staff in a Swords housing estate, WWN looks inside O’Leary Grove to see just what it entails for employees.

Despite being situated on the northside, each home will claim to be located in Dublin 4.

The housing estate will have two lanes, priority and non-priority queues.

Each bedroom will contain ten beds and have a maximum closet volume of 10kg, with upgrades available at €2k per extra kilo.

Despite rent costing just €14.99 per day, every household appliance will have a coin slot along with charges to use the one and only toilet in the entire house, which will be airplane-sized.

Trumpets will play every time a staff member returns from work.

When a staff member wants to move out, they will receive a smart arse reply from the Ryanair social media account every time they look for their security deposit back.

The 25 homes will be at the furthest point away from the entrance.