‘Suspending Aid, Supplying Weapons, Ignoring ICJ’; All The Ways To Help The Famine In Gaza


WHETHER YOU’RE a fan of inadvertently or deliberately helping to instigate a famine, they can be tricky divils to pull off.

Especially when international courts set up to prevent genocides are giving their two cents, billions of people are begging you to stop and the concept of basic humanity exists – but as the fella said, ‘there’s always ways around everything’.

If you’re the US, French, Italian, Canadian and German governments you will be asking yourself ‘how?’ right now. And luckily we’ve got the answer:

Suspending humanitarian aid to 2.3 million people due to 12 out of 30,000 UNRWA aid workers allegedly being involved in terrorism probably sounds like an odd thing to do, but remember the area these people are being driven from could be the most sought-after strategic military post in the Middle East.

Remember, Israeli settlers murdering 288 Palestinians and counting in the occupied West Bank since October 7th should not result in any funding or aid to Israel being suspended. Collective punishment only works one way.

Let the nation some of you supply tens of billions in military aid continue to bomb one of the poorest populaces in the world, that can be a great way of sparking a good old-fashioned famine. Don’t forget being indifferent to the cutting off electricity and water to civilians and the bombing of their hospitals and refugee camps too.

Despite the ICJ’s ruling last week to ‘please stop, this is bad’, ignoring the calls of court is a must if you want to make a famine a certainty in the name of misguided ‘revenge’. Yes, the court was born out a desire to ensure there was never another holocaust, but what if your state helps to acquire and rebuild a nice strip of prime seaside real estate in the process, then surely that’s a bonus.

The prize is almost enough to ignore the fact displaced Gazan women are being forced to give birth in tents and that the Israeli army struck a UN facility sheltering 30,000 displaced people yesterday.