Why People Who Went To Same-Sex Schools Think They Got The Best Education


AS DEBATE about the merits of single-sex schools rears its head once more, WWN spoke to a number of Irish people to find out their experiences attending such schools to gauge the positive experiences and showcasing that while some find it archaic single-sex schooling has a place in the future of the Irish education system:

“Had I gone to a mixed school I would never have discovered the joy that is having panic attacks when talking to the opposite sex” – Sean, Dublin.

“I’m lucky I went to a single-sex school otherwise I’d only been distracted and that would have stopped all chance of me securing that D3 in Foundation Level Irish” – David, Waterford.

“As the only femme lesbian in school I cleaned up!” – Sarah, Cork.

“I feel sorry for lads that went to a mixed school, they had to endure the physical bullying from male students AND the psychological warfare from female students on top on that? Awful” – Ryan, Wicklow.

“As a parent now myself I think it’s important to make sure your children have the same insulated upbringing that helped form some of your most debilitating flaws, it’s good to be able to pass on these things” – Shauna, Meath.

“Thanks to the school I was placed in I never had to interact with a man, and to this day I still haven’t met one” – Aoife, Galway.

“Being in a single sex school would have been made much more problematic if Irish schools got their sex-ed from elderly virgins who dressed up as wizards but thankfully that wasn’t the case” – Liam, Sligo.

“Mixed in with girls? Ha, let me tell you something people say single sex schools are bad but by being in one without those thieving, lying, two-faced bitches I was much better off” – Kevin, Wexford.