PETA Back Calls For More Animal Products To Be Tested On Humans


ANIMAL RIGHTS advocacy group PETA have said not enough animal products are being tested on humans, WWN can report.

“We all know the horror stories of rabbits being used to test make up, but where are all the human’s being forced to chow down on some new dog food?” a statement from PETA’s new Tested On Humans campaign read.

“We’re talking humans being thrown in doggy paddle pools, taking shits in kitty litter trays, being stripped naked and sand-blasted with the latest horse shampoo, I want their noses shoved in bird feeders, how will their skin stand up to the latest miracle breakthrough in ringworm cream?” continued the statement.

Companies have too frequently taken too many precautions with human guinea pigs and this is something PETA want to change in a bid to enhance the rights of animals everywhere.

“Animals are a precious part of the planet, too precious in fact to risk giving them a new toy, food, drug or steroid cream without first testing it on humans,” a PETA spokesperson said at the opening of the first ‘animal products exclusively tested on humans first’ lab.

“We’re not even talking about important humans here, you can just use homeless people or whatever but no one can argue that Dave here isn’t doing a great service to animal-kind” continued the PETA spokesperson before shooing a scared looking homeless man with a broom toward a new innovative rat trap.