“Keep Going Ireland Is With You” Comments Deranged Aunt Under Enoch Burke Article


DERANGED LOCAL aunt Moira Kilcuddy has once again commented under a Facebook article reporting on Enoch Burke’s ongoing incarceration, insisting “keep going Ireland is with you”.

The comment marks the 437th consecutive article featuring the serial school gates loiterer that Kilcuddy has commented on, causing great embarrassment for her nieces and nephews.

“She commented ‘stay strong’ under an article saying OJ Simpson has died. Name a person who is unworthy of support and you’ll find Moira commenting up a blindly supportive storm, comparing them to Christ on the cross even if the local paper says they were caught trying to ride a squirrel,” said mortified niece Helen Kilcuddy.

‘Everyone is praying for you’, ‘vote Enoch and Conor McGregor for Taoiseach and President’ and ‘a fine young man I wish my lesbian haircutted niece would settle down with someone like you’ were some of the least unhinged comments Kilcuddy insists on leaving below articles on Facebook.

With her comments receiving a dearth of likes or positive emojis proving no barrier to the unyielding regularity of her comments, Kilcuddy seems to have an affinity for anyone who comes before the courts and proclaims themselves a victim of a corrupt legal system.

“Brilliant, having a good honest Irish man on that jury will make sure you’re found not guilty Donald,” added the 61-year-old aunt below a Fox News article on the hush money trial of Donald Trump, seemingly written as if the former US president himself would see her comment.

“I wouldn’t mind her painful behaviour on social media so much, but she refused to write me a character reference when I was up in court for being wrongly accused of robbing the Spar, I wasn’t even in the country at the time,” shared Kilcuddy’s nephew, Sean Green.