Gay Incel’s Christmas Comes Early With Release Of New Joker Trailer


THE NICHE community of gay incels are reportedly lost in a cacophony of exuberant bitterness at the sight of a trailer for Joker: Folie à Deux.

“Mother Gaga! Love, love, love it. Also Timothy McVeigh did nothing wrong,” remarked one troubled recluse who considers themselves in the top 0.00001% of Lady Gaga obsessives who also count Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck as someone they based their entire tortured outcast persona on.

The trailer for the hotly anticipated movie has been welcomed by gay fans of Lady Gaga who happen to live out a hateful sexless existence in their mother’s basement feel like they’re finally ‘seen’.

“It’s like a gay incel’s wet dream,” confirmed one expert in pop culture and gay incels. “Gaga and the poster child for nihilistic men who blame their current circumstances on everyone but themselves.”

“To most people it’s just a movie they’re looking forward to, but to a resentful embittered camp queen who last showered before A Star Is Born was in cinemas this is like if Death Becomes Her had a baby with Natural Born Killers”.

Elsewhere, even-tempered and rational gay people have signed a petition demanding Jennifer Coolidge play Batman in the film.

Meanwhile, people have been advised to give resident office nerds a wide berth unless you want to be subjected to an hour’s long lecture on the various plots of Joker and Harley Quinn DC Comics.