How To Get Your Name Spelled Right On Your Starbucks Order


STARBUCKS’ EMPLOYEES are famously known for not knowing how to spell names. We’ve got solutions to this problem that are guaranteed a 99% success rate. If these don’t work (we doubt they won’t work), you have our permission to have a meltdown like a toddler on the floor of Starbucks:

1) Be very loud, to the point you are going to be recorded for harassment and put in the media.

2) Write it down. When you order, and they ask for a name, just slide the employee a piece of paper with your name on it, and if they still get it wrong, violence is always an option.

3) Just hop over the counter and type it in yourself, not that hard.

4) Spell it out for them even if they don’t ask.

5) Have you considered not going to Starbucks. Just write your name on a cup at home.

6) Bring your own label and marker.

7) Point out that they spelled your name wrong and demand a new one.

8) Threaten the employee by spelling their name incorrectly.

This article was written by Keeva… sorry, Caoimhe Cliffe, as part of her Transition Year work experience placement with Waterford Whispers.