These Are The Subjects Experts Say You SHOULDN’T Bring Up On A First Date


FINDING A SPARK with someone can be hard when one misstep in conversation could see you ghosted and facing another existential spiral in which you imagine a long lonely future haunted by not having someone to grow old with and become resentful of.

WWN consulted dating experts to compile this list of subjects that have no place near a first date conversation:

Religion. How are you going to get your date to join your cult on the first date? Cult indoctrination is a slow burn thing, don’t jump the gun.

“Do you know what the word ‘waifu’ means?” Nope. Not a goer. Do not mention.

Toenail hygiene routines. The fact everyone asks a sibling or housemate to lick the inside of their toe nails clean is a given, so no point bringing it up on a date, it’s a boring topic of conversation.

Politics are fine, Israel committing genocide is fair game for conversation but wind your fucking neck in you think opening conversation with the opinion ‘Taylor Swift is overrated’ is a good idea.

Income. Once you bring up how much someone earns there’s always the risk they’ll discover you’re a troll living under a bridge and need a sugar-troll in order to live under a nicer bridge.

Your exes. No? Okay, sure, maybe your date wants to hear the 5-hour story of how you know your worth and you won’t anyone let you treat like that again.

Querying your date’s potential reaction to someone who might hypothetically have a second willy. Wait until at least date number 3 before explaining your additional penis.

The cosmetic surgeries you think your date would benefit from. Save that for when you’re a couple and you can subtly make them think it was their idea to get a hair transplant.