Celebrate 20 Years Of The Luas With 20 Luas Facts


THE LUAS is expected to reach the milestone of carrying 50 million passengers this year, in its 20th year of existence.

To celebrate 20 years of the Luas, WWN has collected 20 amazing and genuine facts about the capital city’s most treasured piece of public transport:

1) Delivered 23 years after it was first proposed and at €600mn over budget, the construction of the Luas is therefore one of Ireland’s most successful infrastructure projects.

2) The iconic ‘ding ding’ of the Luas was recorded by famous composer Hans Zimmer with a 100-piece orchestra at a cost of €4.3mn.

3) The air conditioning system on the Luas pumps in the smell of gone off cheese and wet socks in a bid to cancel out the horrid stench of commuters.

4) The infamous Luas driver strike of 2016 saw the introduction of horse drawn Luas until the dispute came to an end.

5) In 2019 the Luas overtook ‘Coppers smoking area’ as the nation’s favourite place to stage public break ups.

6) Famous passengers on the Luas over the years have included Kylie Minogue, Bruce Springsteen, Kim Jong Un and half of Jedward.

7) A Luas ticket inspector can sniff out a passenger who hasn’t tagged on from a distance of 2km.

8) Commuters have been treated to 4,230,456 hours of music played loudly from phones by people who have never heard of earphones.

9) Nicknames for the Luas include ‘The Chewy Louie’, ‘The Daniel Day’ and ‘The Chaos Machine’.

10) In 2017, one Red Line tram set the Guinness world record for most fights (174) in one location.

11) If you chant ‘Luas, Luas, Luas’ three times backwards into the ear of a Luas driver, he is required by law to drop you off right outside your house.

12) Every Luas driver carries a baseball bat and sub-machine gun for their own safety.

13) Luas trams are decorated with inanimate sculptures known as ‘Luas security’.

14) Eamon Ryan holds the record for most trips on the Green line Luas, while TCD philosophy student and stoner Graham Leary hold the record for most tripping done on both lines.

15) Cars driving onto tracks have become a common occurrence, prompting Luas management not to bother changing any road markings or signage.

16) The diet of an average Luas consists of discarded plastic bottles, syringes, half eaten McDonalds and hungover students.

17) Only one Luas tram has been burned out, which is a credit to the normally feral people of Dublin.

18) In 2011 Paris swapped one Metro station with Dublin for a Luas line running parallel to the Seine for 9 months as part of an EU transport Erasmus programme.

19) Over 14,000 babies are either conceived or given birth on the Luas

20) The 20th Luas fact was cancelled at short notice due to essential maintenance.