Carvery Highlight Of Man’s Week


WATERFORD WHISPERS NEWS can exclusively report that a local Waterford man is living a blissful existence in which he ekes out small pleasures from such things as the carvery in his local pub.

“Doesn’t get better than this boi,” confirmed Liam Tulley, completely unburdened by the weight of the world as he was consumed by the culinary perfection that is roast beef topped with enough gravy to drown a giraffe.

Scientists monitoring Tulley revealed that the endorphins released into his body when he catches sight of steel carvery counter pans overflowing with food is normally only observed in humans when seeing their newborn child for the first time.

“He fucking loves a carvery this lad,” confirmed Dr Klaus Elkenberg, who was conducting the study.

For others, it takes a much more monumental feet such as winning the Euromillions for a smile to emerge on their face after a week of sustained ‘work shite’ and associated drudgery but for the 29-year-old energy supplier salesperson his troubles disappear quicker than the three types of potatoes piled on his plate.

“Only €17 for this, I feel like I’m robbing them,” a deliriously content Tulley shared with the sort of contented grin that evades countless people throughout the duration of their life.