Obsessive & Deranged Person To Interview Real Life ‘Martha’ From Baby Reindeer


THERE ARE fears for the safety of the woman who is the purported inspiration for ‘Martha’ from Netflix hit Baby Reindeer after she agreed to be in the same room as a sycophantic husk of a human being who is known his obsessive and deranged views and behaviour.

“Someone needs to intervene, this guy has obsessive tendencies; he stalked Meghan Markle for years, constantly posting about her in print and online in some unhinged attempt to get her attention. He’s not well,” said one concerned internet user in a comment below a social media post from Piers Morgan announcing his interview with Fiona Harvey.

Baby Reindeer has attracted a huge amount of coverage and public interest, with many people seeking out the real identities of people portrayed in the show.

“Oh my God, I couldn’t watch it. It gave me nightmares, it’s horrible really,” offered one Baby Reindeer fan referring to Piers Morgan’s face.

The interview is expected to gain a substantial viewing thus teaching the media once and for all that exploiting vulnerable people and/or providing a platform to controversial figures for entertainment value will always be rewarded.

“This is a guy who was editor of a newspaper at a time its employees hacked the phones of people, he’s not right in the head, he paid people to look through people’s bins and take photos of them. This woman is putting her safety at risk,” warned another person.

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