Hey Everyone This Guy Isn’t Vaccinated, Get Him!

SOURCES in Waterford City have pinpointed the whereabouts of one Michael Rotchford living at 189 Saint Oteri’s Place who has openly admitted to not taking the vaccine, despite apparently showing no signs of being some kind of anti-vaxx conspiracy theory nutjob, WWN has learned. Rotchford, who says he’s going down the ‘organic anti-body approach’ as… Read more »

Dublin Girl To Choke Down Pumpkin Spice Latte If It Fucking Kills Her

YEARS of seasonal coffee deceit has caught up with renowned Dublin girlo Amy O’Cormac-Casey, after her friend Una Lane presented her with an extra-large pumpkin spice latte ‘just how she likes it’. “Here’s the thing, I think these things are absolute dog piss” O’Cormac-Casey confided to us, tentatively sniffing at the cinnamon-dusted beverage. “I’ve been… Read more »

Family At It Already With The Pumpkins

THE fact that it’s still September has not deterred one Waterford family from kicking off pumpkin carving season, with their modest 3-bedroom home already filling up with intricately carved, slowly decaying squashes and gourds. “What the fuck are they like” sighed a neighbour, watching as the O’Maoinligh clan put another jack-o-lantern out on the front… Read more »