Lad Taking Off From Toll Barrier Like Drag Racer

DESPITE no advertised racing event or any visible participants, BMW 3 series owner Martin Ferns watched on precariously as the toll’s red light turned to green before the chequered barrier raised in this his 8th imaginary drag race of the week. Skipping both second and fourth gears for maximum acceleration, Ferns scanned both left and right lanes… Read more »

Try This Delicious Recipe For Halal Coddle

WITH the unstoppable Islamification of Western Europe currently underway, according to a Facebook post your aunt shared, you may be wondering how this will affect the day-to-day lives of ordinary decent, hard working Irish people; in particular, what does it mean for the nation’s favourite meal, a nice steaming hot coddle. Consisting of delicious boiled… Read more »

Husband Stockpiling Comeback Arguments In His Head

FOLLOWING a heated argument over constantly putting side plates on top of dinner plates in the press, local husband Jamie Kehoe vowed to take revenge on his wife’s latest jibe, by carefully compiling a series of comeback arguments in his head for future reference. “Well, at least I don’t leave the shower looking like a hairdresser’s floor,”… Read more »

Motorcyclist Wearing GoPro To Act Heroically At Some Point

REFORMATTING his GoPro’s mini SD card ahead of his early morning commute, Cork motorcyclist Daniel Rotchford catalogued various different possible scenarios along the way, hoping against hope that this was his day, the day his act of kindness goes viral. “Saved a chick out of a nest last week and the stupid battery went on the camera just as I… Read more »

Show Off Reading Book On Park Bench

IN WHAT IS being described as a flagrant and brazen attempt to show off, one Dublin based man has been spotted in full view of the public looking all intellectual while reading a book on a park bench, much to the disgust of passersby. His fingers loudly caressing the edge of a page before nonchalantly… Read more »