Family On Bikes Terrorise Footpath

WATERFORD Gardaí have warned local residents to be on the lookout for a family of five riding bicycles on the footpath and the road after receiving dozens of reports from people being terrorised by their careless riding spree. The group of maniacs were first reported earlier this morning heading west from the city centre, with… Read more »

Local Man Diagnosed With Auld One Syndrome

FRIENDS and family members belonging to county Waterford man Daniel Hughes have hailed a groundbreaking new psychological assessment proving once and for all that the 37-year-old is a bit of an auld one, WWN can confirm. Auld One Syndrome, a condition were seemingly unaware heterosexual males lapse into an elderly woman’s mindset, was first coined… Read more »

Dad Up So Everyone Else Has To Get Up

OPENING all windows in the house despite it only being 7.23am during a nationwide lockdown, dad of four Charlie Hennebry is up out of bed and wide awake, a sure sign that the rest of his reluctant family members will have to follow suit. Pulling back the curtains in his son’s room with all the… Read more »