“I Like To Leave The Empty Milk Carton In The Fridge”

INTERVIEWING Carl Hughes isn’t easy, but after months of discussions with the Department of Justice and senior garda figures, WWN was allowed access to the unrepentant psychopath. Hughes might not be the only psychopath walking among the Irish population, but he is the most notorious. “D’you expect me to apologise or something?” Hughes sneered from… Read more »

Girlfriend Enters Winter Hibernation

OVERSIZED hoodies, blankets, flannels, hot chocolates, and woolly socks baring the unmistakable Christmas selburose pattern are set to be the only things you see your girlfriend in, near or with this winter as her hibernation mode has fully kicked in. “I will be remaining adorably cute for the coming months, those expecting sexy will have… Read more »

Price Of Coconut Must Have Gone Up

“WE took a survey and people said they didn’t like them” has been cited by Mars Wrigley as the reason why tubs of Celebrations this year will not feature miniature Bounty bars, but insiders have leaked a much more believable explanation. “We went to a meeting of all the chocolate distributors and at the end… Read more »