Single-Use Mask Set To Last Local Man Entire Pandemic

WITH the end of the Covid-19 pandemic in sight, Waterford man Eamon O’Mallen is confident that the same blue-and-white medical face-mask he’s been using since June of 2020 will ‘go the distance’, WWN can sadly report. “It was my daughter who got me a mask back when all this started, saying ‘Dad would you for… Read more »

Parent Just Making School Lunches For Show At This Stage

A COUNTY Waterford mother has admitted to just making school lunches for show, despite knowing it will end up straight in the bin, WWN has learned. “I stopped asking my daughter why she didn’t eat her lunch two years ago,” Janice Rielly confirmed, emptying the contents of yet another uneaten lunch, “I’m caught between a… Read more »