Drinking In Wetherspoons: A Guide

IF IT’S one thing the Irish love, it’s drink. If it’s two things, it’s cheap drink. Throw in cheap food, and you’ve a business model that’s just crazy enough to succeed in the demanding Irish drinking market! With more and more Wetherspoons outlets starting to pop up around Ireland, it may seem like traditional Irish… Read more »

Guest Bathroom Towel Fucking Manky, Finds Report

A VISITOR report on the general state of your guest bathroom and its amenities has found it to be fucking manky, and that you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself, WWN can confirm. Older than most of your children, the guest bathroom towel contained more bacteria than an underfunded Irish hospital, and if it had… Read more »

Irish Army Deployed To Narnia

MEMBERS of the Irish Army Rangers have been deployed on a peacekeeping mission to the war-torn land of Narnia, on a tour that is expected to finish up in time for some heartwarming reunion footage at Christmas, WWN can reveal. A wing of the elite fighting unit received Dáil approval to join a UN Force… Read more »

Local Dad Has Enough Aftershave, Thanks ​

SPEAKING at a prearranged press conference outside his family home, Waterford man Derek Tracey informed the local and national media that he has enough aftershave in the toilet cabinet right now to last him the rest of his life, and if anyone was thinking of getting him more, “don’t”. The 43-year-old listed off almost a dozen high… Read more »