Waterford Family Finally Finish Bar Of Sunlight Soap

THE Carrohan family from Tramore, Waterford, are having a bittersweet send-off ceremony today for the yellow bar of Sunlight soap that has been sitting on the windowsill in the kitchen for nearly three decades. Patriarch of the family William Carrohan inherited the intense bar of semi-immortal soap from his mother’s house after she passed away in… Read more »

Can You Spare A Minute To Sign Your Friend’s Self Righteous Petition? ​

YOUR friend wants you to spare one minute of your time to fill out an online petition they found in the hopes of further enhancing their social status as a kind, concerned member of the general public, WWN can confirm. The petition, one of 15,000 created on every month, has so far been signed by over 2,000 other like-minded heroes and is expected… Read more »