Stag Contemplating Day Two Despite Groom’s Death From Alcohol Poisoning


A STAG party currently residing in Waterford City is having what many would deem the toughest dilemma any human could ever have; whether to carry on festivities now that it has been confirmed the groom has died of alcohol poisoning.

“We’ve already bought the booze and the go karting is booked, there’s a nonrefundable deposit we’re talking €30 here lads,” said best man and stag organiser Rory Ganahan to his fellow stag attendees in the confines of their fart-infested hostel accommodation.

Following night one which involved a pub crawl and dozens of impossible to understand rules that came with a punishment of a tequila shot for the person who broke them, groom Brian Felton sadly passed away at 6am in University Hospital Waterford from alcohol poisoning.

“In fairness, hindsight is 20/20 lads; making Brian drink a shot anytime someone broke a rule seemed harmless enough, as did hooking him up to a vodka drip, but what’s done is done,” chimed in friend Martin Dolan, who was firmly on team ‘carry on’ as he loves go-karting and hasn’t been since Steve’s stag in 2020. “Brian would want us to keep going”.

An anonymous ballot was then taken among the 16 men to ascertain the mood with an overwhelming 12 out of the 16 voting to continue the stag, including votes from Brian’s own father and two brothers.

A separate ballot was conducted in respect of waiting to inform his fiancé and mother until day two was concluded, so as not to cause any undue upset.