BREAKING: Lick Arse Still Wearing Mask

A LITTLE goodie-two-shoes lick arse is still persisting with wearing a facemask in the supermarket despite such restrictions been lifted weeks ago, WWN can confirm. “I’d say she’s a bit of a dose now in fairness,” one shopper commented, now throwing filthy looks at the person in question as she sanitised her hands for the… Read more »

Single-Use Mask Set To Last Local Man Entire Pandemic

WITH the end of the Covid-19 pandemic in sight, Waterford man Eamon O’Mallen is confident that the same blue-and-white medical face-mask he’s been using since June of 2020 will ‘go the distance’, WWN can sadly report. “It was my daughter who got me a mask back when all this started, saying ‘Dad would you for… Read more »