“You Were There With Me Through Thick And Thin” The Emotional Letter This Man Wrote To His Lockdown Jocks

ON THE day of non-essential retail reopening across Ireland, allowing people to finally purchase clothing items following a near 6-month lockdown, one local man took the time to reflect on his now tattered collection of boxers, penning them an emotional letter and thanking them for supporting him all the way. “Dear Jocks, Many of you… Read more »

“Your Uncle? Oh It Was Something To Do With Children, Did I Not Tell You?” Mother Casually Drops Into Conversation

VAGUELY recalling why her brother hasn’t been seen nor heard from for almost 25 years, local mother Glenda Campion confirmed to her daughter Emer that she definitely told her about it at the time, and this wasn’t some big secret suppressed for decades. “Ah, it wasn’t something of anything really. Sure, you remember anyway,” explained… Read more »

Waxers To Invest In Hedge Trimmers Ahead Of Reopening

FOLLOWING the announcement that hairdressers, barbers and salons are to reopen on the 10th of May, the government unveiled a new funding scheme aimed at helping the nation’s waxing technicians purchase hedge trimmers. “It’s no good reopening and offering these services if they can’t cope with the post-lockdown demands of some customers,” confirmed Minister for… Read more »

Dad Recalls Own Chernobyl After 1985 Vindaloo

STILL visibly squirmy at the painful memory, 56-year-old dad Gerry Cody recalls the still fresh catalogue of horrors from a 1985 incident which rocked him to his very core, liking it to his own, personal Chernobyl. Admitting to repressing memories of the bowel movement until now, Cody opened up about that fateful day in December… Read more »