Bus Driver’s Favourite Part Of Job Is Slamming On Brakes Suddenly When Pensioner Getting Up From Seat


NO MATTER the route, the traffic or time of day, for Dublin Bus driver John O’Carmon the feeling of suddenly slamming on the breaks once he eyes a pensioner standing up from her seat cannot be beat.

“It still feels good to get a young lad lost in his phone flying forward, but I just plan every slam of the break around the trembling, feeble hands of auld biddies. The key is to speed up despite knowing the next stop is a busy one that I know people will get off at, before then braking sharply,” explained O’Carmon.

Turning his bus into a stuttering rollercoaster, O’Carmon confirmed the sound of a hip cracking is the sweet music he craves above all other melodies.

“Some get their kicks driving past someone with their hand out, that’s not my jam I’m all about turning my bus into an OAP slingshot,” added O’Carmon ignoring all competing pleas from passengers to slow down, stop slamming on the breaks and swerving side to side.

Regulars on O’Carmon’s route have taken to super gluing their hands to the vehicles poles to keep themselves upright, while strapping cushions to their bodies to lessen whatever impacts today’s journey brings.