Holly Willoughby’s Favourite Hunting Knives


THIS MORNING host Holly Willoughby has wowed her fans with a surprise appearance in American’s magazine Hunting Monthly.

More known for her chic outfits and dresses, Willoughby showed another side to herself by speaking for the first time about her love of hunting.

Here’s what Holly at to say about hunting knives and a lifelong hobby she has kept from audiences:

Gutting Knife

“Entrails might not be someone’s idea of a good time, but I love gutting. Slashing away, opening the carcass and hearing the steamy innards drop to the floor with a thud. I’d be lost without my gutting knife. Gutted one could say haha.”

Bowie Knife

“I love, love, love my Bowie knife. What’s great about the Bowie is that it’s perfect for close quarters slashing of animals. I know I’ll be criticised for saying this but I think hunting is best when you can get close enough to see the life leave their eyes. Use the code Holly10 to get 10% off my hunting knife range now available on the M&S website”.

Buck Knife

“The Buck knife can be used for cutting, skinning or even boning your victim, I mean animal. I love it, the sound as passes your human, I mean animal flesh makes me go all a quiver”


“You may outrun me, but I have worked on my stamina for years, I can jog for the day without ever tiring. Sooner or later I will catch up to you. And for wasting my time with this pointless cat and mouse chase I use my machete. With enough force it can easily split a coconut of similar things clean in half.”