Man Horrified To Be Pepper Sprayed In Wicklow For Trying To Heat Accommodation Earmarked For Refugees


A LOCAL DUBLIN racist is said to be horrified and appalled after his kind attempt to provide much needed warmth for asylum seekers being accommodated at a premises in Wicklow, by starting a fire, has resulted in him being pepper sprayed by gardaí.

“You start a fire, slash the tyres of a garda car, throw rocks and then out of nowhere, for no reason I’m pepper sprayed. This is terrifying, it’s like Nazi Germany; the bad bit where they unfairly arrested all the Nazis obviously,” explained the man, who wished to remain anonymous for social welfare related reasons.

“I’m a concerned local who’s traveled all the way from Dublin with my friends to warn people about unvetted military aged men infiltrating their locality and destroying their area, and looks what happens,” added the man who has started a GoFundMe to help replace his balaclava that was ruined after getting some pepper spray on it and singed by fire.

The protests at Newtownmountkennedy in Wicklow resulted in six arrests and 40,567 separate neverending arguments on Twitter, and have been labeled as ‘peaceful’ by a number of people who repeatedly yelled ‘get the cunts’ while throwing objects and starting a fire.

“Look it, I’m the first in line to defend any garda in the matter of shooting a black man with mental health issues, but when it comes to real discussions of excessive force like pepper spraying me for trying to burn down a gaff marked for refugees I will call them out,” concluded the man.

UPDATE: A number of Ireland’s major political parties have formed a queue behind the man hoping their parties’ new anti-immigrant stances which mention ‘no open borders’ a lot are enough to win his vote.