Mother Absolutely Crushing The Laundry These Days

THE world now may be a storm of political turmoil, pandemic-based terror and the ceaseless heartbreak of war, but that hasn’t stopped Waterford mum-of-three Julie Ringleton from keeping clean clothes on her family. While many would succumb to a malaise that would see housework fall to the bottom of the list of priorities, Ringleton has… Read more »

Man Clearly About To Say Something To You

DON’T LOOK now but a complete stranger is about to strike up conversation with you and sources close to you suspect you really can’t be dealing with this shit, WWN can confirm. The man, craning his neck forward and raising his eyebrows ever so slightly as you wait for a friend/at an ATM/just minding your… Read more »

“Well, Sure You Know What Your Father’s Like”

ABSENTMINDEDLY trotting out her go-to phrase she hopes diffuses whatever family tensions have arisen now, local mother Eve Carton has once again confirmed “sure, you know what your father’s like”. “I don’t even listen to whatever the kids are complaining about now, I just read the frustration on their faces and tell them he’s not… Read more »

Jack The Lad Finally Settles Down

INFAMOUS for his brash and cocky ways, the original rowdy buccaneer who prided himself on causing mayhem on nights out with the boys has finally settled down, ending one of the most banter filled era’s of bachelor-dom on record, WWN can confirm. “Some man for one man, never thought I’d seem him settle,” confirmed proud… Read more »