Police Say Mob That Murdered Person Playing TikToks Out Loud On Bus Were ‘Justified’, Will Face No Charges


GARDAÍ have confirmed an angry mob who ripped a young man limb from limb on the top deck of the 15A bus committed no crimes, citing the loud obnoxious playing of endless TikTok videos.

“The individuals are clearly identifiable on CCTV, there are eye witnesses, we know their home addresses but we will be carrying out no further inquiries,” confirmed Sergeant Colm Conaty to the family of the deceased, Mark Young.

Young, a 19-year-old student with his whole life ahead of him choose to scroll his TikTok feed at full volume for some 12 minutes, pretending not to hear initially polite requests for him to bring an end to the ceaseless cacophony which was loud enough to berate innocent ear drums within a 5 mile radius.

“And I’d do it again,” said one of the mob Clare Sullivan, wiping some of the victim’s blood from her face, “it was the watching of one particular TikTok on a loop that set me off, I thought I was going to go insane”.

While the law is unclear on killing someone for being an ignorant bollocks, the decision not to pursue the assailants could set a dangerous precedent whereby passengers on public transport no longer have to deal with ‘this sort of shite’.