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Sisters Of Charity Acting Like We Should Be Grateful

DESPITE overseeing for-profit illegal adoptions which ripped children away from their mothers who they placed in indentured servitude, religious order Sisters of Charity was surprised by the absence of a ticker tape parade in their honour after they announced the transfer of lands at St. Vincent’s Hospital to the Irish state. “You’re probably all just… Read more »

Teacher Can’t Wait To Use ‘Calculated Grades’ To Fuck Over Prick Student He Hates

THE FORMAL ANNOUNCEMENT that students of this year’s Leaving Cert will receive ‘calculated grades’ or sit exams at a later date has been welcomed by all teachers whose favourite phrase is ‘you’ll amount to nothing’, WWN can confirm. While the ongoing global pandemic has created an endless variety of complex problems that have unbelievably easy… Read more »

Junior Cert Student Didn’t Give A Fuck To Begin With

EVERYTHING appears to have worked out nicely for Waterford Junior cert student Michael Hallington, who entered 2020 not giving a fiddler’s about the examinations and who now looks set to coast through a nice easy summer of doing fuck all. Hallington is among thousands of young teenagers who will receive ‘certificates of completion’ instead of… Read more »