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This Party Was Caught Fundraising Using A ‘Charity’ Lottery So It Just Changed The Law To Make This OK

A GOVERNING party in Ireland mostly widely known in the past for rampant corruption and an addiction to brown envelopes declared itself a ‘charity’, exploiting a legal loophole which allowed it to stage fundraising raffles. After being caught doing so and shutting down the raffle, refunding all tickets for the €500,000 raffle, you’ll never guess… Read more »

Homeless Man Watching Modular Homes Being Built For Refugees Can’t Help But Feel Government Taking The Piss

NOT NORMALLY one for narcissistic flights of fancy that place him at the centre of the universe homeless man Niall Tymond can’t help but feel like the government’s Ukrainian refugee response is tailor made to mock him directly. Keen to free up 6,000 beds in student accommodation in time for the beginning of the next… Read more »