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Behind The Scenes At The NPHET Staff Xmas Party

WWN IS not the sort of publication that engages in the pally pally relationship that exists between the media and those working within the corridors of power. We don’t accept gifts and freebies which flood into newsrooms in the run up to Christmas from major brands. That’s not our journalistic bag. However, when we received… Read more »

Local Youths Suspiciously Compliant With Face Mask Rules

“WE’VE all got parents, we’ve all got grandparents. We’re just doing what we can to protect them,” explained one Waterford youth we interviewed today, in our study of teenagers who wear face-coverings at all times of the day. Although many groups have doubted the effectiveness of face masks in battling Covid-19 and many more are… Read more »

“Sure Stay Out” States Legend Of A Wife

A LUCKY Waterford man currently in town for ‘a quiet few pints’ with the lads has received a text message from his wife with those three little words that every man in a pub wants to here; ‘sure stay out’. “Are you sure?” slurred Francis McWard, ringing his wife to clarify while ordering his fourth… Read more »

Sloths Secure HEPA Filter Contract For Schools

RELIEVED parents, education professionals and experts in air filtration have breathed a collective sigh of relief as the Department of Education are on the verge of rubber stamping the procurement of €62mn worth of Hepa filters for schools. Despite the good news, some naysayers have expressed concern over the fact the contract for has been… Read more »