Meet The Up-And-Coming Tattoo Artist Taking Dublin By Storm


FOR WEEKS the queues outside Dublin’s Ink Tank have been constant and relentless as word continues to spread about the work of Europe’s most sought after inkman, Jack Lally.

“I like pinks, and greenses and mommy says I’m very good at staying inside the lines, look,” said Jack, taking the needle to his 18th customer of the day and it’s not even lunchtime yet.

It’s easy to see why he’s in demand, everywhere you look Lally’s trademark scribbly uneven sticker sleeve and ill-defined linework is on arms, ankles, necks and hands of the city’s tattoo enthusiasts.

He’s been accused of copying many other tattoo artists plying their trade, but Lally insists his terrible style and execution is distinctly his own.

“Itsa a home, with wimdows and Rocky Paw Patrol,” shared Lally, of a particularly pathetic sketch which three different clients have already requested he do on them.

People hoping to get inked by Lally will have to act quickly as from next week he’s hitting Europe with guest stints in Mao & Cathy and Dot to Lines.

“I asked for a linework pint of Guinness but I guess this is cool too,” said one happy customer admiring the vague squiggle on their forearm which will be plastered all over their Instagram in a matter of minutes.

“The idea is not to question it or point out it’s really fucking poorly done because then we’ll all look stupid, like we’re just getting it done because it somehow makes you cool to be following the latest trend, anyway it’s totally ironic,” said another freshly inked person, happy with their cat that looks more like a depressed jellybean.