Aoife & Jack, Once Lauded As The ‘It Couple’ Of St Teresa’s Third Year Announce Split After 2 Weeks Of Dating


IT IS THE news that has ROCKED St Teresa’s third year with at least 11 separate Snapchat accounts reporting ‘Oh my God, what the absolute fuck’.

Taking to their joint TikTok couples account ‘@JA4EVA’ to issue a statement, Aoife and Jack have shocked their peers in St Teresa’s Community School with the news that after giving it significant thought they have decided to go their separate ways, ending a love story which began in the halcyon days of two weeks ago.

“This is crazy,” confirmed pupils at the school who considered the pair a byword for stability and couple goals, “like, you just can’t picture them with anyone else. If they can’t make it, what chance have the rest of us?”

In his two-hour ‘EPIC: Why I Had The TOUGHEST Decision EVER’ Youtube follow-up video complete with a still image of him holding his hands on his head while looking shocked Jack confirmed the break up had been ‘coming for a long time’.

“Hi guys, not gonna lie, we’ve been on a rough patch for a long time, don’t forget to like and subscribe” said Jack, his wrist clearly no longer decorated with Aoife’s favourite hair tie.

Aoife shared similar sentiments in a hastily assembled Q&A address with her 25 closest besties in the little yard during lunchtime today.

“We know you guys were total fans of JA4EVA and we know it hurts, but there’s no villains in this we just naturally grew apart,” confirmed Aoife, careful to ensure any online backlash aimed at Jack would now be brought to an end.

UPDATE: Sadly, accusations are circulating, believed to have their source close to Jack that Aoife is frigid.