Department Of Welfare Worker Signed Off For 6 Months For Stress After Being Asked Question


A HARROWING case of chronic on-the-job stress has been uncovered by WWN’s investigative unit after one social welfare recipient came forward with details of a troubling and emotionally challenging moment.

“One minute I was asking a question I thought was a fairly routine one on Jobseekers Benefit then suddenly the woman at the desk kinda went into a catatonic shock,” shared jobseekers recipient Donal Rattling.

What was unclear to Rattling in the moment was that welfare worker Sheila Wheatley’s body was suddenly overwhelmed by the inquiry as, after years in the job, her body and mind had become so accustomed to a workload close to ‘hammock tester’, any request to actually complete a task or answer a question could have proven fatal.

“She’s still in a fragile state and isn’t fit for being interviewed,” WWN was told by Wheatley’s supervisor, who begged welfare recipients to be more mindful when interacting with staff.

“Think before you ask basic questions you’d expect any reasonable person to answer. The sense of entitlement some of you have, thinking you deserve an answer that didn’t make you feel like you had somehow asked someone to walk backwards down the Grand Canyon while doing a Rubik’s cube. Shame on you,” confirmed the supervisor, shortly before being signed off themselves for ‘life-endangering levels of interactions with the general public’.