Western Media Outlet Wouldn’t Have Thrown To Live Feed Of Gaza If It Knew It Was Going To Capture Fresh Israeli War Crime


A PANICKING media outlet is now locked in a series of staff meetings in a bid to understand how the decision was made to throw to a live feed of Gaza at the precise moment the Israeli army brazenly committed yet another war crime.

“OK, well, first things first, no more live feed. Insert a 30 second delay,” confirmed one senior editor who didn’t get into the news business to record and report on war crimes happening in real time.

With the footage already being clipped on Twitter and widely shared, there was little staff could do to limit the number of people who have already been provided with a rare example of a western media outlet presenting the IDF’s war crimes without any caveat or obfuscation.

“Look, we all know we fucked up. So best we can do is rejig the edit a bit and maybe use a passive voice to make it sound like it’s a complete mystery as to who killed these innocent civilians,” added an editor, settling on ‘Fresh Tragedy In Gaza As More Civilians No Longer Alive’ as a title which omits the identity of the murderers.

In a promising step forward for the outlet, they have vowed to no longer work with the free lance camera man who captured the footage.

“That’s the sort of decisive action our viewers expect us to take. Sure, we could have waited for him to be added to the list of 100 journalists already killed in this conflict in indiscriminate bombing but we’ve got integrity”.

“Guys, remember our job is to be impartial, report what we see,” concluded the editor of a news outlet which is not permitted by Israel to enter Gaza to see anything in the first place.