Pornstar Achieves Dream Of Becoming Full-time Plumber


A GOOD NEWS story from LA as one of the leading stars in the adult entertainment industry, Wicklow man Glen Dacock, has announced he is leaving the industry to pursue his dream of becoming a plumber.

“I only pursued the porn route because me Ma and Da did it, suppose everyone can sympathise who had parents that steered them towards a career or industry just because they were in it,” explains Dacock.

Well known to your browser’s incognito mode, Dacock will now achieve his dream of doing the opposite of what made him famous; unclogging holes.

“If there was ever a script which involved a woman stuck in a washing machine I was all over it, I wanted that part, and on the sly in between takes I’d be checking the bearings on the machine, taking apart pipes under sinks I just love it,” added the 28-year-old.

“I’ll be sad to say goodbye to the friends I’ve made in the business, but I won’t miss the work – repetitive, boring, same thing everyday, no thanks. With plumbing every day serves up a new challenge or problem to solve”.

While Dacock admitted his parents were disappointed, his mother Sally’s Gap and father Round Wood, have grown to accept his choice to enter a field with precarious employment and stiff competition for business.