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Man Becomes Fluent In Spanish, Completes Physics Degree & Learns To Code While Patiently Waiting For Covid-19 Test Result

A LOCAL Dublin man has put the seemingly infinite time between being tested for the Covid-19 and receiving his results to good use, WWN can report. James Dorrins (49) had attend his local testing centre by appointment what feels like several centuries ago when first developing a persistent cough, but instead of going insane by… Read more »

Local Man Hasn’t Yet Found Positive Story He Can’t Shit All Over

IT COULD be a story of chocolate bought for healthcare workers by children using all their pocket money, factories repurposing facilities to produce much needed personal protection equipment or communities supporting their most vulnerable, people creating art and moments of levity. No matter the positive news amidst the current crisis, talented local man Cormac Prannell… Read more »

Dislikeable Party Elect Dislikeable Leader

IGNORING a national yearning for political change as evidenced by the recent general election results, one dislikeable Irish political party has stuck to its guns by electing their most dislikeable leader yet; water metre touting, egotistical roaring sociopath Alan Kelly, WWN can unfortunately confirm. Speaking to WWN from his Tipperary home surrounded by homemade paper… Read more »