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Black Friday Just Greedy American Nonsense But At Same Time, That’s Not A Bad Price For A Telly

THE entire nation has come together to denounce ‘Black Friday’ for being a capitalistic cash-grab that uses sly marketing techniques to separate working people from their hard-earned money, but with that being said you can’t really argue with some of these prices out here. “Black Friday is traditionally the day after Thanksgiving in America, but… Read more »

“Fine, We’ll Go Full Begbie” Vows Scotland

THROWING a series of pint glasses over their shoulder and preparing for a fight, pro-independence Scots have been taking the news that the UK supreme court has denied a second referendum well. “That referendum got glassed, and no cunt leaves here till we find out what cunt did it,” Scotland said, staring menacingly in the… Read more »

Fears Grows For Man Trapped Inside Conor McGregor

A NUMBER of safety authorities and search and rescue groups are planning an operation which would see the man trapped inside Conor McGregor freed, all so a dangerous explosion can be avoided. It remains unclear how the man became trapped in McGregor, but concern continues to be expressed for the man’s welfare with McGregor ‘at… Read more »