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Miserable Cow Hits It Off With Unbearable Prick On First Date

CATRIONA Evans, a notorious blackhole of joy, and Kevin Farrin, a skin-crawling caveman, have confounded the expectations of experts three drinks into their first date after matching on Bumble, with both complete and utter doses managing to navigate small talk and basic flirting without drinks being thrown over heads. “Any other friend of Catriona’s would… Read more »

Irish Person Doesn’t Understand Why Australians Didn’t Vote Back In Government They Hated

LOCAL man Colm Fitzsimons has expressed his confusion at the Australian election results, giving voice to the bemusement many Irish people greeted a result which saw the governing party ousted in decisive fashion. “Why didn’t you contrive to split the vote to such an extent that it delivered a result which pleased absolutely no one… Read more »

HSE ‘One Cold Sore’ Away From Crumbling

THE truth about how close the Irish health system came to total collapse has been revealed in a stunning new book titled ‘The Almost-Shat Togs’, which gives a behind the scenes look at the weeks following the initial 2020 lockdown and how we were ‘one hospital porter with a hangover’ from total chaos, as is… Read more »