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“My Single Mother Neighbour Just Bought A Ferrari With Her Covid-19 Payment, It’s A Disgrace!”

AS VARIOUS emergency Covid-19 payments and schemes introduced by the government take effect and help to somewhat ease people’s financial difficulties, a number of people have expressed real concern that the €350 per week emergency payment could be exploited by people. One such concerned citizen and taxpayer is local Waterford man John Crossan, who revealed… Read more »

Kid Wants Something Again

THIS just in; parents across the country who are currently trying their hardest to juggle their new work-from-home lifestyle with a 24-hour parenting service have announced that all their kids are content at the moment, and need nothing. UPDATE: Several kids have approached their parents looking for something. UPDATE: Having helped their kids, parents can… Read more »

Covid-19 Wiped Out After 5G Masts Destroyed

THE Irish government has today lifted all lockdown measures taken over the past few weeks to flatten the curve following the total annihilation of Covid-19 after several 5G masts were damaged, wiping out the virus indefinitely, WWN has learned. Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in celebration of the almost overnight destruction… Read more »

BREAKING: Okay, This Really Isn’t Funny Anymore

THE ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the accompanying restrictions have combined to dry up the very last drops of joy, laughter and fun for many people with its unending continuance being described as a ‘monumentally shit’ development by experts. With lockdown extended until at least the 5th of May in Ireland, the emerging long lasting change… Read more »