“Forwarded Many Times” Says Lads WhatsApp Message Containing Content So Vile It’ll Alter Your Brain’s Chemistry Forever


THE HARBINGER of doom ‘forwarded many times’ has made itself known again in a WhatsApp group entitled ‘De Mad Cuntz’, and brings with it an almost 100% guarantee that the attached video will contain some of the most heinous and disturbing imagery ever committed to the internet.

“Aw fuck, no” sighed member of the group Brian Corless as fellow member David ‘Diggs’ Dignam sent in his fifth video of the day, each one more depraved than the next, all accompanied by a flurry of crying laughing emojis irrespective of whether they involve an Indian man beheading himself after sticking his head out the window of a moving train, a woman having sex with a horse or an ISIS terrorist blowing himself up with a grenade.

“Deep breaths Brian,” Corless coached himself, summoning either the strength to watch the video or the good sense to immediately delete it without viewing it.

“This is the shit the CIA would use in the 80s to break a man’s spirit but we’re here in 2024 voluntarily watching them for shits and giggles?” added Corless, who judging by the thumbnail on a fresh video forwarded into the group, believed this was an underground Russian dog fighting ring compilation.

Psychologists seeking to understand what being a member of a lads WhatsApp group can do to the human mind quit en masse within minutes of coming into contact with a video so heavy on graphic content Jeffrey Dahmer might even send in a ‘ah lads that’s not on’ message into the group.

Elsewhere, it has emerged similar concerns surround ‘forwarded many times’ messages sent by mothers in family chat groups which frequently warn against scams involving people stealing your legs as you sleep if you open a video called ‘SatanChallenge’.

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