Reasons Why A United Ireland Could Cost €20bn A Year


AN ANALYSIS by Dublin based think tank the Institute of International and European Affairs puts the potential cost of a United Ireland at between €8bn and €20bn a year.

Since WWN is a self respecting news publication you can trust we obviously led with the highest possible number in our headline. But just how exactly would the financial burden of the United Ireland hit such highs? We crunch the numbers below:

– Academics producing hypothetical studies based on speculative and pulled-from-arse data points regarding a United Ireland don’t come cheap and will need to be paid frequently, and handsomely, if a United Ireland has any chance of being a success.

– Cost of flamethrowers required to burn all Nordie Tayto stock would run into the hundreds of millions.

– €260 million; ear plugs for every citizen when Ireland’s Call is adopted as the official anthem of a United Ireland.

– Interpreter fees would skyrocket as civil servants north and south are forced to interact with one another.

– The increase in population would mean building an extension to the Children’s Hospital, which would immediately swallow half the €20bn budget.

– A small increase of even just five in the number of additional TDs in the Dáil could cost the taxpayer €5bn in expenses claims alone.

– Deciding what to do with the additional tax revenue generated by an incoming 1.8mn people will require paying billions to consultancy firms to figure out.

– The therapy required for Jamie Bryson will be considerable and come at great cost to the newly formed State.

– If, in the event of a Sinn Féin government in the Dáil, money will be spent on paying hardline nationalists in the 26 counties to ignore the fact they’re now saddled with going the £10bn the British government sends to Northern Ireland every year to plug its fiscal deficit.

– Every Irish road would have to be downgraded to match Northern Irish roads.

– Retraining obsolete fuel and contraband criminals in the border region will cost tens of millions.

– Draining Lough Neagh so its pollution is evenly spread out to the 32 counties will cost at least €4bn.

– Conjoining the HSE and the NI NHS so that their respective dysfunctions sync up would be of huge cost. That’s not even taking into account the thousands of middle management positions required to make sure it’s as inefficient and costly a process as humanly possible.

– Deaths from arguments over the design of the new flag could cost the state billions.

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