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Dublin Airport Calm This Morning… Too Calm…

CAUTIOUS travellers have reported that Dublin Airport seems to be moving smoothly in recent days, with no signs of the recent catastrophic breakdowns in management that lead to queues, delays and missed flights- but not everyone has let their guard down just yet. “I don’t like it, chief,” whispered one frazzled security staff member to… Read more »

Government Regrets Asking Man In Charge Of Fixing McDonalds Ice Cream Machine To Build Metrolink

THE coalition government has apologised for an ‘error in judgement’ in the procurement process relating the long delayed Metrolink project following revelations first reported by Waterford Whispers News. David Fennelly, chief ice cream machine maintenance engineer at fast food giant McDonalds had been awarded the lucrative contract to build and maintain the Metrolink but has… Read more »