Shares In Tent Manufacturers Rise By 20% As Roderic O’Gorman Named New Green Party Leader


THE FUTURE for the Green Party looks bright after the markets reacted favourably to news that Roderic O’Gorman was named the party’s new leader yesterday.

Shares in tent manufacturers hit highs not seen since the latest record homeless numbers were released by the Department of Housing late on a Friday evening so it wouldn’t make it into the papers the next day.

“While only 52% of Green Party members voted for him, we have full confidence in Roderic,” confirmed private businesses currently raking it in by supplying charities with tents, and government departments with accommodation.

“When I think of Rodders, I don’t see a politician I see an ATM vomiting cash,” added a number of tent manufacturers who will now ramp up production to meet the demand created by government inaction.

Political strategists have praised the move by the Green Party in appointing O’Gorman which allows the party to not be defined by the negative vote-losing issue of climate change and more closely linked to the much more sedate issue of immigration.

“At least it was announced at a quiet time, headlines wise, for the Minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration,” said one beaming Green Party member forgetting the CHI has misspent €19mn allocated for children’s spinal surgery as well as the recent deaths of two homeless people in the Grand Canal.