Here’s A Holiday Death Story We’ve Chosen To Profit From At Victim’s Family’s Expense


NOTHING gets you people frothing at the mouth in our comments like a glitzy holiday death story and boy oh boy have our team of interns done a great job this morning shortlisting tragic tourist deaths abroad for your reading pleasure.

Whether it’s a missing teen, tragic unexplained death of a father or just a stereotypical ‘lad drowning in a pool’ story, we’ll make sure to dispense with all morals and ignore requests from the victim’s families to stop our wild and unfounded speculations in the hopes of selling you papers and generating engagement online that we can eventually compile into a media pack for future advertisers to fawn over.

Watch as our team of low paid hack scour whatever foreign holiday resort the victim died in for juicy quotes from rural detectives and local soundbites that we can eventually twist and take out of context to increase our quarterly revenues. They can even be made up quotes, we’re not picky.

Cocaine in system, cousin was in prison, dog bit a postman once; fuck it, we’ll run with whatever insignificant detail that gets you savages chomping at the bit with your expert opinions. Think of this like a live Netflix crime doc that everyone online can chime in on with zero consequences, and zero considerations for the affected family’s own mental health in a time when they should be sheltered from ridicule, not having their personal lives aired out to dry like crusty pair of knickers.

We’ll stoop to as far as it takes before then spinning this story around to focus on the ‘online trolls’ that this very publication helped to create in the hopes of saving some kind of face for this soulless money machine that profits from people’s misery.

And remember if you think we’re scum for dredging all this up, what does it make you for reading it all?