Parents Fondly Remember How Much They Loved Son Before He Moved Back In


A DUBLIN couple have spoken movingly for the first time about how much they loved their dearly beloved son Conor before the 33-year-old tragically moved back home in a bid to save for a deposit.

“Conor was the light of my life,” confirmed mother Therese Morton, dabbing her wet eyes with a tissue.

“Ah Conor was… was? Gah, it’s so strange saying it in the past tense but y’know he’s a complete wreck the head now he’s back in the house and regressing to his lazy teenage self,” added the man’s distraught father Graham.

Having enjoyed what they said was a ‘lovely if short-lived’ time when Conor lived the other side of the city and only visited occasionally, the homeowners say once treasured aspects of his personality have become unbearable now he spends all his time in the house.

“He was always value for money when having an amusing rant about work but not every fecking evening,” offered Therese, who mourns the son she once had when he was seldom seen and just threw her the odd text every now and then.

The pair criticised the lack of supports for parents dealing with having their adult children back in the house.

“Sometimes I walk into the sitting room and get the most awful shock when I see him scratching his hole on the couch and in command of the TV remote, for a brief moment I’d forgot he hadn’t fucked off out the house. Where’s the therapy supports for this sort of grief?” added Therese, shoveling Conor’s rancid boxers into the washing machine.