Same Crowd Who Gave Nuns A Maternity Hospital Pledge To Get Abortion Services Reforms Right


THE SAME government that managed to give the Sisters of Charity, most famous for being charitable with their mistreatment of women in Magdalene Laundries, a say in the running of the National Maternity Hospital is today insisting that the very same politicians can be trusted to bring through reforms to Ireland’s abortion services.

“Yes, we’re dragging our heels on reforming abortion services in Ireland but honestly, you’re telling me you wouldn’t trust us, the ‘ah nuns running a hospital, what could go wrong’ guys?” said Taoiseach Simon Harris, who as Minister for Health oversaw the National Maternity Hospital debacle.

The author of the report on Ireland abortion services, Barrister Marie O’Shea, criticised a lack of action on many of the legislative recommendations contained within it.

“Ah no, that’s not fair we’ve only been sitting on this report and failing to act for a year. That’s like a day in IPT terms,” said one coalition TD, referring Irish Politician Time.

Government TDs were in agreement that the public should ‘come back to us after 10 years of inaction’ before starting to moan, referencing other long-gestating healthcare scandals such as child spinal surgery waiting lists.

“And yes, there’s rogue counselling services funded by nutty US right-wing Christian groups, preying on vulnerable women and giving them misleading information on abortions but sure what’s the harm. Didn’t we have the referendum a few years ago and us politicians got to pose for celebratory photos, and at the end of the day that’s all that matters,” explained one TD.