WWN’s World Cup Recap

THE EVENING’S games saw Argentina face off against a Poland team who honestly played like scoring a goal would give them some horrific disease. The referee livened things up when he awarded Argentina a penalty in the most unjust awarding of something since Forrest Gump beat Pulp Fiction and Shawshank Redemption to Best Picture Oscar…. Read more »

Local Man Finally Achieves ‘Some Boy’ Status

HAVING spent several years as a pup before moving on to a decade as a confirmed latchiko, Waterford man Eamon Brennan has finally been promoted by his community to the honourable title of ‘some boy altogether’. However, the prestigious ‘some boy’ title isn’t handed out lightly. Brennan, 34, had to work hard over the years… Read more »

WWN’s World Cup Recap

YESTERDAY’S World Cup games were sponsored by that realisation it’s been fairly shit and hosting it Qatar has killed your love for one of the very few things that brings you joy, and Budweiser. Group A saw Senegal earn a penalty when Ecuador’s Piero Hincapie was punished by the referee for simply spotting Ismaila’s Sarr’s… Read more »

Family Of Weirdos Mix Tins Of Roses & Celebrations

TALES of festive oddness aren’t anything new, everyone will have heard of a family that eats their Christmas dinner at 8PM, or a co-worker who doesn’t attend the office Christmas party because they don’t want to make a show of themselves in front of everyone. But there are few Christmas quirks that are as ghastly… Read more »

Qatar Wouldn’t Have Bribed FIFA To Hold World Cup If It Knew People From Other Countries Would Turn Up

THE SUPREME COMMITTEE overseeing the running of the World Cup in Qatar have expressed their continued and unending shock and surprise at the fact that hosting the tournament involves people from a vast array of countries turning up. “At no point did we consider inviting the whole world to Qatar would involve people actually taking… Read more »