Dad Still Sending Farmville Requests

DESPITE it being over a decade since it was a thing, local Farmville diehard Mark Jenkins is still sending family members and friends Farmville requests like it was 2010, WWN reports. “He poked me the other day, I didn’t even know Facebook still had that feature,” daughter Jessica opened up, “apparently he asked me to… Read more »

World Braces Itself For Trumpiest Week Yet

FEARS are growing that the world has lost it’s hard-earned tolerance for Trumpishness and that the upcoming week will hit people like a bottle of tequila after a year of sobriety, as the former president braces himself for an arrest and the entire United States prepares to lose its mind completely. Trump issued a post… Read more »

DUP Diagnosed With Yesophobia

THERE has been an outpouring of sympathy directed towards members of the DUP after the party became the first entity to receive a collective diagnosis which confirms they suffer from a debilitating and life-changing condition. Yesophobia, a paralysing phobia of the word ‘yes’ affects 1 in 500 million people but remarkably affects 100% of people… Read more »