“100%” Local Woman Replies To Everything

DESPITE learning a vast array of words and phrases in her 26 years on the planet, Dublin woman Charlotte Hogan continues to reply to just about every single question with “100%”, a condition scientists believe is becoming more widespread among younger generations. “Charlotte seems to have developed a one-for-all answer to just about any question… Read more »

The Only Ways Liverpool Could Lose The League Now

LIVERPOOL’S long wait for a title is almost over, with even the most pessimistic of football fans conceding it is nigh on impossible that the Merseysiders could let their commanding lead slip. And yet, the history books of the beautiful game are littered with examples of unbelievable twists and turns, both cruel and euphoric. Just… Read more »

Today’s Election Lies, Promises & Cock-Ups

YOUR ONE STOP SHOP for all the twists and turns from today’s campaign trail: As the drug gang violence continues to spill out onto the streets politicians have denied this is a ‘hot button election issue’ as “most of the communities terrorised by the gangs don’t bother voting”. Fine Gael went on to ask the… Read more »