Free Advertising Given To Serial Liar & Con Man

THE MEDIA sales department of national broadcaster RTÉ has been criticised for failing to charge Nigel Farage for the lucrative free advertising he was given on Claire Byrne Live last night. “Look,” explained one member of the beleaguered accounts department, “I don’t have problem if we give an audience of hundreds of thousands over to… Read more »

Dennis Hutchings Evades Justice Again

THE British Army has celebrated yet another victory over the people of Northern Ireland today, after a veteran soldier on trial for the murder of a mentally vulnerable young man, escaped with a ‘not guilty’ verdict by virtue of keeling over dead. “We always knew Dennis would be not be found guilty of this crime”… Read more »

Just George W. Bush & His Haunting Nightmares Left Now

WITH the passing of another weapon of mass destruction, Colin Powell, at the age of 84 from Covid-19 complications and belated karma, it is just George W. Bush and his unrelentingly horrific nightmares that are left now. “Dick Cheney doesn’t count because technically he didn’t have a heart to begin with,” confirmed one person with… Read more »

Just Once Could You Tell Us To Our Faces & Not Leak It To The Media, Nation Asks Government

THE NATION has confirmed it’s not too much to ask of the government, for once in its porous Swiss cheese leaking existence, to directly inform individuals, communities, businesses and healthcare professionals via official government channels of changes to restrictions in a timely manner rather than slyly drip feeding it out through the media. “We’ve given… Read more »

Kid Clearly Mitching

CITIZENS in the Waterford area are currently ‘at a loss’ as to what to do about a teenage boy seen loitering around the town in the middle of the day, at a time when he should clearly be at school. “I mean, he’s 100% mitching, should I call the guards? Or the school? It seems… Read more »

Jesy Nelson, Little Mix Reject UN Offer Of Peace Talks

THERE are fears of an escalation to all-out warfare after the Jesy Nelson and the current members of Little Mix have rejected the UN’s offer to hold peace talks in Oslo, Norway. “The escalation in retaliatory rhetoric and a rejection of conciliatory acts sets the groundwork for a powder keg like explosion that’s sends the… Read more »