DUP Won’t Nominate Deputy First Minister Unless British Government Buys Them Pony

SENDING SHOCKWAVES through the political world, DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson has suggested the unthinkable: his party will bring down the Stormont before it even has a chance to form because it’s not happy that the Northern Ireland protocol, which his party made inevitable through its advocating for Brexit, still exists. “We won’t nominate a deputy… Read more »

Rooney Vardy Trial First To Use VAR

THE AUSTERE wood-panelled Victorian court room housing the libel case between Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy, which kicks off live on Sky Sports, is to make history by implementing a first for legal technology with the use of VAR. Replacing the usual back and forth between a judge and the legal representatives of the defence… Read more »

What A Sinn Féin First Minister Means According To The Fevered Nightmares Of Arlene Foster

TECHNICALLY you are already breaking the law by attempting to read this article in English if you’re resident in Northern Ireland as ‘curry my yogurt’ Irish is the new official language, as outlined in Arlene Foster’s fevered dreams. Using special sectarian science WWN has obtained the nightmares of Arléné Ní Fóstér and can reveal just… Read more »