WWN’s World Cup Recap

The result of the day saw Iran win 2-0 against a Welsh side that looked less potent than homeopathy. Irish fans couldn’t help but look on with envy and think had things been a little different in qualifying that could have been us being piss poor and losing to Iran at a World Cup. More… Read more »

“No, Haven’t Been Following The Hutch Trial, Why?”

A MEMBER of the Sinn Féin press office has entered Mary Lou McDonald’s office to ask if she has been following the latest evidence given in ongoing Regency shooting trial. “You haven’t been following it? Oh that’s great. No, no reason, just gah, you’know yourself. Murder trials; so boring, right haha? Honestly I wouldn’t even… Read more »

WWN’s World Cup Recap

FIFA have won rare praise at the 2022 World Cup for agreeing to stage the more boring games at 10am and 1pm so people working and studying don’t feel like they’ve missed out on much. During their game with Cameroon Swiss fans made a bid to overtake the vuvuzelas as the most annoying noise creators… Read more »