“Everyone Is Super Mean & It Hurts My Feelings”

A RARE meteorological phenomenon was visible from Russia yesterday as the world’s biggest snowflake appeared in Moscow’s Red Square. Complaining about how mean everyone has been about his illegal war and countless war crimes, the snowflake who also goes by the name Vladimir Putin told a crowd such targeted bullying hurt his feelings. “No, I… Read more »

Greatest Guitarists Of All Time

IT’S not easy picking these definitive lists and while some may feel there’s a few glaring omissions, the majority of discerning music fans who know their stuff will find little to disagree with. Behold, the most glorious musicians to ever wield a six-string: It’s The Ax-man himself, Ed Sheeran displays lightning quick fingers along the… Read more »

Dad’s Luggage Just Big Ball Of Cables

AIRPORT security officials have announced that baggage checks before flights are taking longer than expected these days thanks to men like Ian Malone who pack every electrical cable known to man into their carry-on luggage case. “They said remove all iPads, computers, they didn’t say anything about the nine different charging cords or the 25m… Read more »