Hollywood Confident That’s The Last Of The Bad Apples

HOSTILE working environments taking in assaults, racism, xenophobia, anti-semitism, homophobia, paedophilia, you name it, Hollywood is finally satisfied it has purged its industry of all bad apples several years after Time’s Up and MeToo movements emerged. After learning that three senior Ellen Show producers have resigned on foot of accusations of sexual misconduct, senior Hollywood… Read more »

Confused Biden Peels ‘Everything Is Fine. Your Name Is Joe. You’re Running For President’ Note Off Fridge

REPEATING a daily routine that helps him become aware of his name, surroundings and his ongoing work, Democratic pick for the presidency Joe Biden peeled a series of informative post-it notes from his fridge and other appliances around his home. ‘Joe, you’re currently vastly overestimating the average intelligence of the American voter if you think… Read more »