POLL: Should We Just Give Shannon Airport To The Americans?

WITH passanger numbers at the country’s third largest airport dwindling, and numbers of US soldiers ignoring the nation’s neutrality increasing, WWN begs the question ‘should we just give the airport to the Americans and be done with it?’ Lets face it, Shannon would not be here if it wasn’t for the lucrative cargo that the US military secretly funnels… Read more »

Green Party Leader Calls For Cars Made From Bees

GREEN party leader Eamon Ryan has called on the government to implement new laws which will force manufacturers to make cars out of living bees, WWN has learned. Ryan said bee cars will be the new wave of environmentally friendly motor vehicles and will also help promote pollination across the country. “Their wings will help propel the… Read more »

Britain To Launch Its Own EU

STOCK markets across the world have been sent into a frenzy this afternoon as the UK announced it will launch its own European Union next year, aptly naming the new venture EU.2, WWN can confirm. Speaking outside Number 10 Downing Street, Prime Minister Boris Johnson detailed plans for a “bigger, stronger Europe”, calling on neighbours Ireland… Read more »

Criminals Come Out To Distance Themselves From Corrupt Councils, Developers

DUBLIN based career criminals have come out in force today to defend their good name and distance themselves from accusations that they accepted payments from ‘corrupt’ city councils and developers to protect sites from anti-social behaviour and theft. “I couldn’t sleep a wink last night after I heard what they were saying about us,” said Dublin criminal… Read more »

Remains Of Ancient Teletubby Found At Mound In Stonehenge

BRITISH archaeologists excavating Silbury Hill at the ancient site of Stonehenge have today unearthed what is believed to be the skeletal remains of 3,000-year-old teletubby, placing the extinction of the humanoid race even later than previously thought. During a routine dig, archaeologists working under Professor Gareth Montini of Oxford University discovered an unusually enlarged skull in a mounded area near Stonehenge,… Read more »