Ireland To Be Renamed The USS De Valera

THE Republic Of Ireland is to be officially renamed as a vessel in the United States Navy, after spending years as a stop-over for US Aircraft on their way to bomb the crap out of whatever Middle Eastern country they were pissed off with at the time. Despite Ireland being a completely neutral nation, the… Read more »

The Decade’s Greatest Sportspeople

WALL TO WALL sporting greatness typified the 2010s as the likes of Williams, Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Taylor, Biles, Ronaldo, Messi, Lebron, McIlroy, Bolt and Hamilton among others made history and inspired awe in everyone who bore witness to their immense feats. It almost seems unfair to whittle down these greats and pour over individual moments… Read more »

The Decade’s 5 Coolest Wars

WHILE the 2010s didn’t have the high profile wars of previous decades that we took for granted (sorry Iraq) there was plenty for Western arms manufacturers to get excited about. WWN War trawled through the decades to determine what were to put it simply, the best wars on offer. 5) The War On The Poor… Read more »

These Are The Best TV Shows Of The Decade

WE’VE had our film and music lists of the decade and now is the turn of TV, a medium which has transformed in the last decade to arguable usurp film, theatre, art and music as the dominant and most influential cultural forms of the 2010s. In a change from the conventional, stuffy and needless esoteric… Read more »