WWN’s Exclusive Q&A With An Irish Meat Baron

AS THE debate surrounding Covid-19 clusters in meat factories continues, instead of falling into the contemptible media practice of vilifying owners and tarnishing their good names, WWN decided to speak directly to one owner of a meat processing facility, Gary Foodman. And as is evidenced from the Q&A below, Foodman, cigar in mouth and tightly… Read more »

Vindication For Man Who Said ‘It’s Just The Flu’ As Covid-19 Cases Reach 20 Million Worldwide

WEARING a grin wider than the Atlantic ocean, one self-anointed ‘takes no shit straight-talker’ is celebrating having called out Covid-19 overreaction from the very start as the ‘just the flu’ reached a measly 20 million cases and 730,000 deaths worldwide. “I don’t take pleasure in being right, but I think you’ll find a lot of… Read more »

When Is It Okay For A Dub To Use The C-Word?

“I CAN say culchie because I am a culchie. I can call my friends culchies, because they are culchies. I can do all this because I’ve lived that life. We all have. We’ve taken something that was designed to hurt and demean us, and we’ve taken it back. But what we won’t stand for, is… Read more »

Local Man Sits Down To Pee These Days

DEFENDING a recent trip to the toilet in the early hours of this morning where he sat down to urinate, local man Mark Dalton blamed tiredness as being the factor behind his new sitting routine. Accidentally spotted at 6.36am by his son James who was also going for a ‘normal stand-up pee’, Dalton was left… Read more »