‘We Bash Your Elbows On Purpose’: Flight Attendants Open Up

AIRLINE CABIN crew have opened up to WWN about how they passive-aggressively deal with irritating, condescending or troublesome passengers during flights, with tactics ranging from moderate inconveniences to terrifying ordeals. These top-secret-until-now tactics include: “I wait until it looks like they really need the loo and then light up the ‘fasten seat belts sign’. Then… Read more »

Things Renters Are Sick Of Hearing

IT’S an unenviable position to be in these days as Ireland’s rental market shrinks in supply and increases in price by the day. Well meaning family, friends, co-workers and landlords who own their own homes may want to lift a renters spirit by giving them some solid advice, but whatever you do, avoid these phrase:… Read more »

Internet Really Proud Of How It Conducted Itself During Depp/Heard Trial

EXHIBITING the sort of knowing smile reserved for only the most humble individuals, internet users everywhere have commended themselves on their exemplary behaviour during the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation trial. “We have a wealth of high profile celebrity trials which devolved into sordid, sycophantic and depressing tabloid affairs to draw on, so thank… Read more »

Here’s What The Dublin Airport ‘Holding Area’ For Passengers Could Look Like

THE Dublin Airport Authority has today humbly accepted apologies from passengers for causing the recent chaotic scenes and announced passengers arriving too early for flights will be placed in a ‘holding area’ outside the airport from now on. WWN has obtained leaked plans for the holding area with a number of options other consideration including:… Read more »