Local Woman Had That Ailment You Have, Only Worse

NEIGHBOURS, relatives and friends of Waterford woman Margaret Whelan have learned better than to try and out-sick her over the years, as there apparently isn’t a disease or ailment the 66-year-old hasn’t had and subsequently overcame. “If you say you have a cough, she’ll immediately let you know that she too had a cough a… Read more »

Government Call For Vote Of No Diggity, No Doubt

THE government have countered Sinn Féin’s vote of no confidence with a propsed Dáil vote that shows there are still a number of people in the country who ‘like they way they work it’, WWN can confirm. Sources close to the coalition confirmed the vote was inspired by the classic hit ‘No Diggity’, although everyone… Read more »

Signs Your Child Is A Genius

MOST parents are proud of their children but modesty prevents them from celebrating their many achievements such as eating a tea coaster whole when left unwatched for .01 of a second. However, it is high time parents stopped fretting about what other parents will think of you rightly declaring your child as a once in… Read more »

Space Big As Fuck, Confirm Scientists

THE first images returned by the James Webb telescope have confirmed what many have believed for years; space is big, like really big, filled with stuff that is far, far away. Like really far. “We’re talking really far, no kidding, really, really far,” confirmed one NASA scientist, as the Webb infrared space telescope returned stunning… Read more »