Signs You’re A ‘Geriatric Millennial’

Read them and weep, you ancient sack of yesterday’s youth. The term geriatric millennial has being doing the rounds for over a year and you’re only just discovering it Okay boomer. Yearning for a simpler times When the internet was dial up and the relentless 24/7 nature of social media had yet to hit you… Read more »

Everything Irish Children Told Would ‘Put Hairs On Your Chest’ Just Caused Longterm Psychological Damage, Finds Study

A RECENT study carried out by Institute of Research Into Studies of Research has discovered that the majority of things Irish children were told would ‘put hairs on their chest’ simply caused long-term psychological damage they are only beginning to process as adults today. Recording the testimony of thousands of subjects who grew up in… Read more »

Postman Fired After Biting Dog

AN POST worker has been fired and is now in garda custody after a spate of rabid attacks on dogs on his normal postal route. “My dog was just minding his own business in his kennel in the front garden and then all I could here was this awful animalistic sound,” recalled the owner of… Read more »