Man Cheating On His Barber With Another Barber

“When I looked in the window the line was too long…I mean we’re talking a 30 minute wait just for a quick trim, so…I’m not proud of it, but, I went to Short Back ‘n’ Sidez instead,” shared Brian Crean before bursting into guilt infused tears. The confession of barber infidelity came after several months… Read more »

Basic Bitch Doesn’t Even Have Her Nipple Pierced

A DUBLIN woman has been labelled a boring and most ‘basic’ of bitches by her peers after it emerged she doesn’t even have her nipple pierced. Nipple piercing, which took over from tattoos, which took over from belly button piercing, which took over from eyebrow piercing, which took over from playing with matches as a… Read more »

Work Friend Thinks You’re Her Friend Friend

A SERIES of embarrassing misunderstandings have led one work colleague to misread the signs and conclude that she is your friend friend and not merely your work friend, WWN can exclusively reveal. Noreen in HR has often provided amiable company in the office with polite small talk when passing in the corridor, however, her the… Read more »